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The Team

Wellness Practitioners


Rapha’ Holistic Wellness believes the divine nature of the body is designed for wellness.

The foundation lies in how we “nurture our nature” via food, movement, environment, relationships, community & love.

"Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul."
3 John 1:2

Your body was created with unbelievable intelligent design.

Learn to listen to it.

Rapha will teach you to tune in with compassion, hope & restoration

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Lauren Ramzinsky


Lives life with her saltwater fishing husband and two English Bulldogs on the Texas Gulf Coast. Surrounded by tall fishing tales, a tribe of friends and family. She's a work in progress: a recovering overachieving people pleaser learning how to live authentically and present in my life with Jesus as my guide.

Dr. Josh Setterbo

Physical Therapist

Rockport native who recently relocated from Seattle with his wife and daughter.


Fellowship-trained, orthopedic manual physical therapist through an extensive post-doctoral program.


Clients will appreciate a thorough evaluation process along with an encompassing approach of manual therapy techniques and specific exercise prescription to allow for optimal tissue healing and correction of movement dysfunctions. 


Trisha Knudson


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Dr. LaDonna Rocha

Naturopathic Medicine

While ‘naturopathic physician’ is my primary title, I hold a few more that help me create a well-rounded set of services and capabilities. I’m a clinical & alchemical herbalist, an aromatherapist, certified phlebotomist, RBTI practitioner, and Remedy Testing practitioner. I also hold certifications in Auto Immune Protocol coaching and Holistic Cancer Care. I’ve chosen to specialize in one of the most under-served populations in conventional medicine: autoimmune sufferers, particularly those with gut dysbiosis, and thyroid diagnoses. Ultimately this means I have a wide array of tools at my disposal, and an overflowing bookshelf.

What drives my practice? Filling the gaps in our healthcare system. My time in the conventional medicine system showed me very clearly where the strengths were, but even more clearly where the weaknesses are. Then a new conundrum arose- how can you have conventional medicine and natural medicine?

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